photo credit: healthy inspirations photography

photo credit: healthy inspirations photography

There is nothing more precious than that of a new life being welcomed into the world with the love of those around them.  I am honoured each time I am asked to photograph a precious new life for families wanting to capture those first moments.  There are so many firsts in the few weeks following birth, not just for baby but for mom, dad, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even pets.  There is so much to celebrate as this new life is welcomed into the family.  And, there are many changes occurring for everyone as you each settle into your new roles.

It is so important to me that families want to preserve these memories, as these little ones change, grow, and learn so quickly.  Your baby is only this small for a very short time and I am going to capture your baby and all of their tiny features perfectly.  These are priceless moments for your family and you will be able look back at these memories for years to come.  And, as your child grows, so will they.

The photographs I provide will take you back in time to remember the soft sounds your child first made; to remember the smell of your sweet baby; and, to remember the feelings you had when you first met, when you first embraced.

It is my dream to be able to provide this to each family that I meet.  And, I am lucky enough that I am living my dream, one photograph at a time.


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