Top 3 Reasons Beyonce's Pregnancy Announcement is Amazing

Let's take a break from our usual topics and discuss something that came up today.

If you checked into any social media account today, you might have noticed this image.

You may have just scrolled by, or perhaps you didn't.  However, you're one of millions of people who got a glimpse at this gem today... on the day it was shared.  This image was shared on Beyonce's Instagram account to announce the expected arrival of her and her husband's (Jay Z) twins.  It was captioned:

"We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes. - The Carters"

So, let's get to the point - Why is this announcement amazing?

1. First of all, expecting a baby is amazing!  It is especially so if a family has been long awaiting this arrival and have had a long journey in order to share this exciting news.  Add to that, there is double the joy with the knowledge that this pregnancy carries, not one, but two beautiful souls who will be cherished and loved by their family.

2. Secondly, this image is not what many would consider beautiful, yet it is incredibly popular.  Photographers around the globe have been sharing their opinion on this image with unfettered zest all day!  It is clear that not many enjoy the composition of the image or the way it has been styled.  The colours, the background, and the posing can all be argued.  The general public seems to also share a similar opinion.  This image is a far cry from what we would expect a millionaire celebrity with a close watch on their reputation (and a new album to promote) would be associated with.  But, that is the amazing part.  This image was created with intent.  It was meant to bring attention to this announcement and if that means styling it in a way that is typically unappealing, then so be it.  All the better, actually.  The more controversy over this image, the stronger their feelings about it,  the more people will discuss it, and the more it will be shared with others.

3. Lastly, it broke the internet.  Well, almost. Beyonce has already broken an Instagram record in only a matter of hours!  The fact that this happened with such a positive message breaks trend and is found inspiring.  It's a break in the non-stop political opinions that seem to take up so much discussion.  As Us Weekly has pointed out, the timing of this social media frenzy coincides with upcoming Grammys.  The news would have broken eventually, so at least mom is in charge of when and how (as it should be for all of us).  This announcement is a great lead into her Lemonade album promotion.  

Basically, Beyonce is a genius when it comes to marketing and promotion.  Who would have thought that sharing an arguable ugly photography of a beautiful mama-to-be would inspire so much commotion?  Beyonce.  That's who.

This article isn't what you typically read about on Everlast Photography's blog.  But, it is a hot topic, at least for today.  And, it is about a beautiful moment in a mom's life when she knows she'll soon be holding two incredible babies that she has waiting so long to meet.

Months from now, it will be forgotten and she will likely be sharing some gorgeous, world-class maternity or newborn images that we would all expect from an ultra famous celebrity (can't wait!!!).  And, everyone will think to themselves, "that's more like it".  But, we'll all remember that time she shared THAT photo to announce some amazing news!

Congratulations to the Carters!