Creative Images for Newborn Sessions - Tree of Life

I'd like to share a special project that I worked on recently.  Going into this newborn session, I knew there were certain poses I wanted to execute in order to accomplish this art piece.   I had a vision in mind when I began.  With the cooperation of little Miss, I was able to get an excellent image of baby to pair with my initial image in my post processing work.

Below is the image I worked to get during the newborn session, knowing it would work with the Tree of Life art piece.

Here is a comparison so you can see the starting off points for the project.

After merging the two images, I worked on the fabrics.  I also worked on adjusting the shadows.

My final touch was to incorporate a painted look to the image.  I loved the way it made the flowers look, so I exaggerated this feature in the floral part of the image, but was careful to only slightly adjust the subject of the image.  I want her features to still be true and not overly processed.  

And, finally, we have the completed piece.  Well, actually the printed art is the final piece.  Keep an eye on the Everlast Photography social media pages to see an update on the print.

If you're interested in commissioning your own custom designed Creative Image, contact the studio to get started.  I truly love creating these pieces and would love to see what we come up with together!