Family Sunset Sessions with Everlast Photography

Sometimes it is GREAT to get out of the studio and work in nature.  Photographing newborns, I don't get to do this much as our Alberta weather can be a bit unpredictable and my littlest clients are quite delicate.  However, I absolutely love capturing children of all ages and their families.  I love to capture children in studio, but I also love capturing children as they explore their surroundings and interact with family members.  I like catching their smiles on their faces, their little hands grasping at flowers, and their warm embraces that they give mom and dad.

Another favourite of mine, as a photographer, is golden hour!  Ask any photographer, the feeling of gorgeous light beaming through the atmosphere and trickling through tree branches as it casts it's intense beauty upon one's subject, is the BEST feeling you could ask for.  The amazing colours that come from this natural phenomenon is so beautiful.  And, lucky for us, it happens daily!

The ability to combine these two things into something that inspires me, challenges me, and keeps my heart full is so amazing!

I am OVER THE MOON excited and happy to be able to offer my clients these new Sunset Family Sessions!!  For a limited time, I will be photographing families and capturing their playful, loving connections in my own unique style. 

These sessions are offered at a special discounted price and will be available until the end of September.  Book yours today!