Traveling Dress - A Photographers' Creative Project

I have been so lucky to be a part of the Edmonton (and area) creative community.  Moving to the area two years ago, I really didn't know anyone.  I had no connections whatsoever.  Since then, I have been able to connect with and befriend so many talented, generous, and kind people and I feel so grateful for each and every interaction I've had.  I now have a whole network of local and Albertan photographers that I can call friend or colleague.  

Recently, a group of us from all over the Alberta have signed up for a fun and creative project.  Ashley Sykes, of Ashley Sykes Photography has graciously started this fun challenge and is the one responsible for purchasing the dress and coordinating all of us creative individuals - no easy task!

Ashley selected and purchased a beautiful, boho-style red dress.  Every two weeks, the dress travels around the province to another photographer.  Each photographer has their own vision and style for their session.  We each find a location we love, a theme that piques our interest, a model willing to take on the challenge, and we... create!  

I was one of the first photographers to receive the dress.  I asked the amazing and lovely Kayleigh Lynds, of 16 Seasons, to model for me.  Actually, we had originally planned to use a different model and photograph the session together.  In fact, the boat was her idea!  However, it turned out that Kayleigh was going to be our model.  And, am I ever lucky to have had the chance to photograph this woman.  I feel honoured that Kayleigh trusted me and allowed me to take the lead and pose and direct her the way I did.  She trusted me and I am grateful.

Driving up to our location, the clouds were dark and I couldn't see the sun.  I was worried I wouldn't be photographing anything.  But, once I pulled up, the clouds began to break and the most gorgeous light broke through these amazing clouds and gave us a beautiful dramatic backdrop.  We got to work right away!  And, this happened...


Please feel free to leave a comment below.  I'd love to know what you think of this session!