Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to book a newborn portrait session?

It is best to book your newborn session at the beginning of your last trimester.  Your session is booked using your due date.  Once baby arrives, contact the studio and we'll arrange a firm date and time for your session.  Your baby will be photographed at 5-12 days of age (with some exceptions).  This time frame helps to ensure a successful session and helps to achieve the best images for your family to cherish for generations to come.

What if my baby doesn't arrive on my due date?

Only 5% of babies are actually born on their due date, so don't worry.  Your due date just gives us a loose timeline as to when to expect you in the studio.  If your baby arrives early, please contact us right away so that we can arrange a session time for you.  If your baby arrives late, we're probably checking our email every 30 minutes waiting for the exciting news!  

What is included in my session?

Your session fee includes a pre-session consultation, a full portrait session, full access to all props and accessories, a customized experience, and a reveal appointment.  More details can be found on our investment page.

What do I need to do to prepare for our session?

You will be provided with our Newborn Guide which outlines some tips to prepare for the session and what you may want to consider bringing.  These tips are mostly focused around preparing baby for the session so that he or she is comfortable and happy during your visit.  Otherwise, drinks and snacks are provided and you can sit back and relax.

When does a newborn portrait session take place?

Your session takes place while baby is 5-12 days of age.  At this time, baby is still in that nice sleepy stage and is more likely to be content for the session duration.  After this time frame, baby's muscles and ligaments begin to grow and develop and their sleeping patterns are changing.  At about 3 weeks of age newborns often reach a growth spurt and are often cluster feeding.  During your session, we always stop to feed and comfort baby when needed.  However, you can imagine that it becomes more challenging to photograph if baby is at this stage.  There are always exceptions to this rule and we are experienced with photographing older newborns, but 5-12 days of age is the general guideline.

What is posed newborn photography?

Posed newborn photography is what you see on our website.  Baby, siblings, and parents are posed very carefully and with full intent to execute beautiful imagery.  These poses and images are thoughtfully planned out in advance of your session, with your input, and much care and planning goes into each session.  See our article on the difference between posed and lifestyle newborn photography for more information.

Do you offer maternity sessions?

Yes!  Please contact us right away if you are wanting to add a maternity session to your experience.  We love being able to offer both studio and outdoor maternity sessions to our clients.  With your maternity portrait session, you will have access to our collection of maternity gowns and maternity wear.  We also have some creative setups that involve lengths of tulle and luxurious fabrics.  The sky is the limit here!  Let's meet and talk about it over coffee.

What should we wear to the session?

For parent and sibling poses, it is recommended that you wear something neutral in colour and avoid wearing shirts or blouses that have logos, text, or distracting patterns on them.  We want your images to focus on you and your family and this beautiful moment.  Also, it might be wise to consider bringing your clothes with you to the session.  Babies have been know to spit up or cause a mess on their parents in the past!  

Can I buy digital images from my session?

Yes, of course.  We live in a digital age and it is completely understandable that parents would want to have digital images for their records.  However, you are encouraged to invest in our professionally printed products.  These products are of the highest quality and are rated to last generations.  There is no risk of a corrupt file when your image is printed and displayed on your wall.