Cutest Snowman Ever - Edmonton Professional Newborn Studio

You may have noticed recently that we have been sharing this awesome and fun image of a baby snowman.  Little baby Koen makes the most adorable snowman and is the star of the show here.

When Koen's parents came to the studio for his newborn portrait session, we had already planned a couple of holiday themed setups since he was born in December.  But, we were SO thrilled to hear that his grandmother absolutely loves snowmen and that his parents were so excited about this set up!

behind the scenes baby snowman

We want to share a little about the process of creating this final image of baby Koen.  First off, images like this one are ALWAYS composite images.  What is a composite?  It is when we take more than one photograph and piece them together in post-processing (i.e Photoshop) to create a final image.  This is so important to ensure that baby is safe at all times.  As you can see, baby Koen is safe in his Dad's hands.  (Thank you Koen's Dad!)

After we combine two or more original photographs and line them up ever-so-carefully, we need to make sure the snow is looking nice and soft.  Originally, we purchased the "snow" from a local craft store thinking it would be a bit fluffier.  Turns out it was not quite as full as we had wanted, but we made the best of it, knowing we could fancy it up in the edit.

You may also notice that we straightened out some fabric on the right and added some black buttons.  Now, some may have wanted our little snowman to have a button nose or carrot nose, but we chose to leave him without either.  We thought he looked great with hit top hat, scarf, and buttons and didn't need any extras.

Below is the resulting image!

Newborn Snowman Edmonton Photographer

This image is just perfect!  It is exactly what we were aiming to achieve!  This is what we consider to be the final image and is what is delivered to the parents as a part of their gallery.  

However, to give it more of a winter feel, we added some snowflakes (below)!  If you'd like to see our animated version of our baby snowman, head on over to our Facebook or Instagram page to check it out and let us know what you think!

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Snow falling on baby snowman