Simply The Best

When searching for your perfect Edmonton photographer lands you on the Everlast Photography website you'll see several pages of pertinent information, including my newborn, baby, and child portrait work.  When you look through my portfolio of images, you may have noticed a few things.  

First, I love to use textures!  The waves of fibres in a fur layer, the aged grain of an antique wood bowl, or the pattern of a hand knitted blanket can make all the difference in a photograph.  I'm careful not to distract from the subject with too many textures or colours.  It all seems to flow together and highlight the child in the best way.

Second, lace trim can be seen throughout my work time and time again!  It must be the fine intricate detailing that draws me to fabrics, layers, and teeny tiny outfits adorned in lace.  It can come in any colour, although I often choose neutral colours for lace items.  And, it is oh-so delicate, as is my subject. 

Third, I use only the best props, outfits, and accessories that I can find.  I search high and low for custom made products that suit my style and that my clients have become accustomed to finding in my collection.  I often purchase items at a premium, knowing that my clients value quality made products and knowing that well-made items photograph better than consumer bargain items.  I do my best to support Edmonton newborn photography vendors and Canadian vendors in my search for excellent props and outfits, but I also know that the custom design and crafting of such things is an art, as is photography, and I value that.  I have some favourite shops located as far away as Norway that I know are the best at what they do and will wow my clients.  I take great care in selecting each item that I use in my studio and I work very hard to ensure that I pull everything together for each portrait session perfectly.

When we meet for your pre-session consultation, we go over all the aspects of your portrait session and discuss what types of items you love.  We discuss colour palette, textures, and poses and we work together to design a session tailored to you and your family.  After all, these memories are for you to cherish for years to come.

Now, these are all of the items that go into a portrait session, but wait 'til you see what I have to offer after the session!  Everlast Photography offers the best print products available from professional labs of the highest standard.  But, that's a whole other discussion... to be continued in another post!