Andrey Junior - Edmonton Newborn Photographer

Not too long ago, I was contacted by a couple who were looking to have newborn photos of their son who was already 3 weeks old.  Normally, I prefer to photograph newborns at 5-12 days of age, but I was excited to work with this family.  We quickly arranged a consult with a session the following day and these are some of the resulting images...

Andrey Jr. was such a handsome little man and he kept alert for most of his session.  We were able to capture plenty of happy awake and peaceful sleepy images.

His mamma is a big fan of this colour and requested this set up specifically.  I'm glad this set up turned out so well!  This colour certainly suits Andrey!

Since this family is quite athletic and Dad is an avid golfer, we were able to reflect that in one of this baby's poses.  Maybe Andrey Jr. will be following in his father's footsteps one day out on the green!

Andrey's mom also had a special request for this style of posing and imagery.  I'm so glad we did this set up.  There is something so simple and yet so lovely about this image.  

I love the way this newborn session has turned out!  And, so do Andrey Jr.'s parents.  Soon, their product order will arrive and they'll be able to admire their priceless moments on the walls of their home and reflect back on this special time when their son was so small and so fragile and so perfect!

If you are in the Edmonton or surrounding area and you'd like to arrange your custom newborn portrait session, please do not hesitate to call 587.357.9738 or contact us here.  We can't wait to meet you!