Edmonton Newborn Portraits - Baby Felix

This sweet couple booked their session with Everlast Photography with a lot of great ideas in mind for their session that added a lot of special meaning to their images.  It was such an honour to capture these special moments for this family, as they have been waiting a long time to welcome their son into their family.  They have so much love for Felix that it just fills my heart!

You can feel the love mom and dad have for their son in the way they look at him, the words they choose to describe him, and in the way they hold him ever so gently.  Both care for him so carefully and with such intent.  It's so wonderful to witness so much love!

We love capturing the small details of Felix, so that in the years to come his parents can look back and remember just how tiny his fingers were, how wrinkly his toes were, and how kissy his lips were at this time.  Sometimes us parents try to rely on our memory for these details, but a photograph can really take you back in time and bring back those emotions you felt in those first days with your son.


You may have noticed already that Felix's dad is a biiiiiiig starwars fan (or maybe you missed it.  Look above!).  So, of course we incorporated this passion into a couple of photographs, especially for dad.  Some of the other meaningful symbols were more subtle elements to Felix's session.  Below, he is holding something that is related to the special meaning in his name.  And, the stuffed animals by his side are very special as well.

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