Precious Baby Melia - Custom Newborn Portraits

I have been looking forward to sharing these images here for a long time.  When I met with Melia's mother for her pre-session consultation, we discussed everything about this session.  She indicated how she loved pink and how she wanted gold accents.  We talked about the different poses she might like for her session.  For the most part though, she let me lead the creative process.

Melia's mom also showed me an image that she had found online that had a baby lying on a wedding dress that was laid out on a floor.  She really loved this idea of having a baby and a wedding dress together in some way.  I explained to her how I would try to incorporate this theme into the session.  I detailed how I would execute this image in a safe an aesthetically pleasing way - my own version of this concept.

Melia's mom brought her wedding gown to the session.  The first image I'll share is the image that came of this planning and creative concept building.  Both Melia's mom and myself love the way it turned out!


I also love the way the pink and gold came together in the session.  I found it challenging finding gold pieces that fit with the session that would photograph well.  But, these small accents were perfect.


I love these shots of Melia because they detail her features so perfectly.  I love her eye lashes, her little button nose, and her dainty fingers.  All of these details in these photographs will be treasure by her parents, I'm sure.  Especially as she grows!


Melia's mom also made it clear how much she adores her son.  During the consultation, she beamed about him and his accomplishments!  She was so looking forward to watching him become a big brother.  

I was so happy to have captured these intimate images of Melia with her big brother here.  I know that these moments are the ones us moms hold onto for the rest of our lives.  

I often share a sneak peek from a session on social media for parents.  Melia's mom told me that they were shopping at Walmart and waiting in line when she checked her phone and saw this (black and white) image below.  She said she began to cry happy tears and that I captured them perfectly!  These kinds of things really make me so happy to hear!  I love my job for all sorts of reasons, but I'll never tire of clients' loving messages and happy tears from seeing my work.


I also recieved a beautiful testimonial from Melia's mom after her reveal session.

"We recently had our newborn/family pictures done by Karena at Everlast Photography, first she was so sweet and made sure my sweet little baby was cozy and safe throughout the whole shoot. She thought of everything , made sure there was drinks and snacks for us while she did her magic. She went above and beyond making us feel welcome.

I had my reveal today and the pictures were phenomenal! She does her absolute best to make sure you get everything you request and are completely happy with the finished product, which I really appreciated! In my opinion, you couldn’t ask for better. Thanks Karena for giving me something that I will always hold near and dear to my heart!!"

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