New Member of the National Association of Professional Child Photographers

Everlast Photography is so proud to announce its acceptance as a member to the internationally renowned National Association of Professional Child Photographers!!  What an honour to be included among the world's top professional photographers and to be considered a peer amongst this echelon of outstanding talent.

Not only am I excited to share my work and ideas with this amazing group, but to also take part in the community which will propel my work to new heights and push my boundaries in the creative aspect.

I look forward to having my work judged and critiqued so that I may grow and expand my talent and knowledge in this field of work that I love so dearly.

I also look forward to being able to offer my clients even more of myself through this journey and to be able to capture these moments with their children and family in more spectacular ways that only the future can describe.

This is a very exciting step for myself as an artist and for Everlast Photography as your local custom photography studio.  Thank you for all of your support!